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Ditch WEIGHT LOSS focus on HEALTH to lifelong results

NEVER fail 
another diet or weight loss plan again

  • Find out what works for YOU
  • ​BS Free Zone 
  • Simple common sense that works
  • ​All for LESS than a cup of coffee or a take away each week

Annual Membership Offer

30 minute 1-2-1 Call, Written Plan FOR YOU and access to The YogaBreath Program 
Valued at £375 FOR FREE (when you pay for annual membership)

DEAL ENDS Wednesday 24th Aug 8pm

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What's Included?

Let's get straight to the point

  • ​Check in's for accountability every morning and evening
  • 3 x live streams per week with us (yes you get to see real people)
  • ​LIVE Monthly Planning Power Hour (your chance to plan your month)
  • Workouts for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced folks
  • ​Monthly 1-2-1 SOS calls with Loz and Baz when you need extra love
  • Live Group Workouts Weekly (yes you get to see real people)
  • Monthly Q&A/Workshops (yes you get to see real people)
  • ​Private access to your VERY OWN database
  • ​1-2-1 on boarding call with us to get you set up and pointed in the right direction
  • ​Recipes and meal ideas galore
  • Stretching and Yoga Videos
  • Meditation Program
  • ​Chance to plan your week ahead with Sunday Set Up
  • Weekly wins celebrated
  • ​Supportive group of likeminded and valued people
  • ​US and a Family in your back pocket
  • ​Group and Solo Lead optional programs
  • Constant evolvement of tools and courses (we are not stopping)
  • 2 down to earth human beings to lead you in all this
  • ​Everything aimed at helping you find you own version of health and wellbeing in your own time

What Our People Say

How Do You Just Do Health Once?

There are a few big reasons why we have problems sticking to any diet or training program.

It is usually a combination of it being difficult, boring, there is not enough support and it does not fit into your life. 

You are trying to shoehorn yourself into it. 

We are all good at getting going, we are pretty much experts in that but how do you keep it going. 

Whatever you do it has to stand the test of our 4 part ethos 


No matter what you do whether it is food, or exercise we believe in keeping it simple so it FITS into your lifestyle or else it just won’t work


Don’t make the your journey to health a miserable one. Make it fun and fulfilling, and you will want to do over and over again


If you can make your health journey FIT and is FUN, you are never going to stop you will keep #justdoingthedo forever


You can do it on your own, but it’s better if you have consistent support to answer any questions or problems you may have within a likeminded community of YOUR people

How Will You Make Your Own Version Of Health?

Having just food and exercise as you only means to creating a healthy life is a very 1 dimensional way of thinking. 

From our own experience with mental and physical illnesses we developed the 6 pillars of health that we use ourselves every day and all of our clients use them to create their own version of health and well-being. 

This is what you will be using to create yours too. 


It all starts with sleep. If you have not had enough sleep you will make bad decisions in the day and have 0 energy for exercising. We don't know many people who function "happily" on little to no sleep


Most of us are usually fuelling our day with caffeine and diet/fizzy drinks. Drinking water is something that's low on our list but water can help you to lose weight AND give you more energy if you drink enough of it


Note we say Nutrition here and NOT food. It's all about how you nourish your body. There are 2 uses for food 1. to fuel our body and the other to enjoy. Looking at nourishment can change the ball game with how you see "food"


Once you are well rested, hydrated and nourished then you can look at exercise. But more importantly exercise that is right for you! Not the beef neck in the gym or the cardio queen YOUR kind that's right for you and your body


Every action and reaction comes from a thought. The only two things we can control is which thoughts we pay attention to and how we react to them. Getting to know your inner most ticking's can really put you in control


We spend so much of our time rushing here and there and never give ourselves time to just chill. Our minds and our bodies NEED this down time. It's essential for us and for our health and wellbeing we encourage lots of this!

How Will You Create Your Transformation In The Rock Solid Health Academy?

There are 2 parts to The RSHA (Rock Solid Health Academy) The Hub, and The Community

We have listened to you and learned what helps you the most to develop you happy and healthy lifestyle.

The Hub and The Community BOTH have been specifically designed to help you create your own version of health and well-being that is right for YOU on you OWN time scale, and at the pace that you dictate. 

More From Our People

Other "Weight Loss Gurus"

  • Quick fixes focusing on just numbers
  • Unrealistic expectations of you 
  • Moulding you to their methodologies
  • ​Strict time scales
  • ​​Left to just get on with it
  • ​A nameless faces who just want to make £ off you
  • ​Fake before and after pictures 
  • ​Focus on just food and exercise
  • ​​Trying to sell you supplements that are expensive and useless
  • ​​Cold communities
  • ​Flashy pants tactics to lure you in with false promises


  • In it for the long game focusing on HEALTH and other metics for happiness and "success"
  •  Help you find your version of health and wellbeing that works for you
  •  Do whatever FIT's, that is FUN and you can do FOREVER
  • ​Take your time because it's never a straight road
  • ​Supported all the way by us and the F365 fam
  • ​REAL people coaching and mentoring you who just want happier healthier people in the world
  • ​REAL progress that is not just a picture
  • ​Focus on the 6 pilars of health cause food and exercise are NOT the only things to make you happy and healthy
  • ​Thriving community of like valued people who all want you to succeed
  • ​Real life coaches who may even turn up with no make up on and hair a mess :)

Get your Crystal Ball out and imagine this

One year from now....

  • No more Emotional Eating
  • No more beating yourself up
  • No longer ashamed or embarrassed to workout
  • ​Fully able to understand your thoughts
  • ​Can control the thoughts you pay attention to
  • ​Waking up GREAT after a good night sleep
  • ​Can confidently smile on the inside being happy with who you are
  • ​Drinking all the water and no peeing so much ;)
  • ​Understand food and more importantly not be a slave to it
  • ​Feel lighter mentally and physically
  • ​Having to buy new clothes down a size or two and not knowing HOW you have done it with no diets or plans
  • ​Not have done any diets
  • ​Not have done any strict workout regimes 
  • ​You have done it your way
  • ​Found your blueprint that works for you
  • ​Wondering why you did not do it like this 20 years ago!

About Us

 💜 As a Couple 💜

We are Laura and Barry Ash aka Loz and Baz. Unbenonst to us we we actually met for the first time in pre school and then both went our separate ways and met up again some 20 years later when I (Loz) walked into Baz's gym. 

That was in 2001 and since then we have been inseparable. 

We got married in 2005 and again for our 10 year wedding anniversary in 2015 in the Maldives (cause every girl needs 2 weddings right!)

Since starting Rock Solid we have been fortunate enough to have worked with 1000's of people both within the UK and in the States. We have appeared on radio, in magazines and on TV talking about the importance of looking after our health and wellbeing including topics on mental and physical health.

We have even been fortunate enough to train other PT's in this space and also spoken on stage at the UK's largest fitness Expo BodyPower. 

Our latest venture was being part of the Channel 5 Star TV show "It's Your Fault I'm Fat" helping a family to get healthy.

Baz Story

As far back as can remember I have had a passion for being healthy, it started with the body but now it the mind as well as the body, as i believe its hard to have one without the other.

I started my working life as a Fitness Instructor sum 25 plus years ago, then in 2004 I joined HM Prison service as a Prison Officer with the intension of becoming a PTI (Physical training Instructor) 

I spent the next 10 years teaching Prisoners to be come qualified Fitness Instructors and Sports Therapist, then in 2013 myself and Loz decided to open Rock Solid

We wanted to create a world where it wasn’t all about weight loss, because there is more to life that just that.

Focusing on just this is so unhealthy and goes against everything I’m passionate about.

My motto is - JUST DO THE DO, don’t try to be perfect just aim for progress

Loz Story

I served 10 years as a Police Officer and Counter Terrorism Intel Officer before becoming medically in 2013 retired due to my diagnosis of Bi Polar and OCD.

It was then that myself and Baz started Rock Solid because we knew the devastation that not looking after your health and wellbeing had caused for me we wanted to be able to help others not to fall into the same trap.

For me it's not just about weight loss. I want to create a world in which people can understand their minds to control their bodies and create what works for them.

After all we are all unique and all of Rock Solid's methods are born from our own personal experience with mine and Baz's journey.

For me Health is paramount if we are to live a happy and long life and that's more than just eating and exercising

My Motto is - nothing has any meaning except the meaning you give it.
Join the RSHA either Pay monthly for 
Billed monthly, no set up fee
Min 6 Months Sign Up

10 Months for the Price of 12 PLUS your BONUSES worth £375 for JUST £470

Let us show you how to achieve your 
weight loss through well-being. 
  • Check in's for accountability every morning and evening
  • 3 x Lives per week with us (yes you get to see real people)
  • LIVE Monthly Planning Power Hours (Plan you month with us!)
  • Workouts for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced folk
  • Live Group Workouts Weekly (yes you get to see real people)
  • Monthly 1-2-1 SOS calls with Loz and Baz when you need extra love
  • Monthly Q&A/Workshops (yes you get to see real people)
  • Access to your very own database
  • 1-2-1 on boarding call with us to get you on the right track
  • Recipes and meal ideas galore
  • Stretching and Yoga Videos
  • Meditation Program
  • Chance to plan your week ahead with Sunday Set Up
  • Weekly wins celebrated
  • Supportive group of likeminded and valued people
  • US and a Family in your back pocket
  • Group and Solo Lead optional programs
  • Contact evolvement of tools and courses (we are not stopping)
  • 2 down to earth human beings to lead you in all this
  • Everything aimed at helping you find you own version of health and wellbeing in your own time

We Have Everything You Need In Your Back Pocket To Create A Truly Life Long Transformational Change To Your Health And Happiness 


Will be difficult for me to do or follow?
We have created RSHA so that everyone can do it. The workouts are for all abilities and all the other programs we have created and run are all lead at your own pace. Our main goal is that we give you bite size, valuable, information packed snippets to help you create your own version of the health and wellbeing. If you do it your way that suits you it won't be difficult or hard to do and follow.  
How much does it cost?
At present the cost is £47 per month that is on average £1.54p per day, which is approx £10.78 per week which is less than some slimming places. Everyone in RSHA cannot believe the value they get for their money. 
How much time do I need to spend on it?
As much or as little time as you wish to spend on it. All of this is your pace. This is your RSHA and your experience. We won't lie it won't happen overnight and this could be a journey you take for the rest of your life. We don't encourage people rush it, we want you to learn from it, take one step at a time and take one day at a time and focus on PROGRESS.
How much does the price go up to after the year?
If you purchase the 10 for 12 offer after one year your cost will go to £47 per month. This price will be honoured for you should you wish to remain in RSHA. Should you leave and then come back you would be liable to pay the new fee.
Will I be able to keep up?
You make RSHA yours. This is your journey and you can take part in as much or as little as you like. Some use the FB community, some use The Hub, some use both. Some check in every day, some every so often. Some just like to know we are in their back pocket. It's up to you how you use RSHA make it your own experience to FIT your lifestyle.
Will the price always be £47per month?
This is something we cannot promise. Should you chose to leave and come back at any one point you will pay may be liable to pay the new fee. 
Am I tied into a contract?
We do ask for a min sign up of 6 months just to give this as real good go. You have to really experience this and there is lots for you to do in RSHA to start to build up your own version of health and well-being and this takes time. After that nope not at all. We need 30 days notice that you wish to cancel. We also request that we have a leaving call with you and a reason as to why you want to leave. This is so that we can be responsible coaches and make sure you have a plan of action moving forwards. 

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