STARTING 10th May 2021


  • Change old engrained patterns of behaviour that get you going round in circles
  • Take things to the next level with closer coaching from us
  •  Finally understand why you keep getting stuck and smash down the barriers
  • ​Take back control of your life and live it your way
  • ​Match your inner confidence to the one to portray to the world

What is it?

Freedom90 is a 90 day program in which we delve into your internal drivers as to why you cannot be consistent and persistent with your weight loss and health journey by challenging you existing ideas, values and beliefs that you currently have. 

F90 will also enable you to challenge your current patterns of behaviour which presently leave you going around in circles. 

Through F90's transformational process you will create new values and beliefs that empower you and give you your own version of health and well-being from the core root of who you really want to be. It's done by acknowledging, accepting, creating awareness, and taking action and making small adjustment along the way.

What this means for you is total freedom, control, and the confidence to live life on your terms and to re-write your lifestyle in your own way.

Is It Right For YOU?

F90 is for someone who wants to tackle the emotional side of their weight loss. 

It's for someone who is fed up of going around in circles and is confused as to why they do it.
F90 is for someone who wants to break down barriers that they know they have in their mind and get speed and accelerate their journey. 

It's for someone who likes a challenge and wants to see what they are made of.

Also it's for someone who wants some more education and hand held in this new world of health and well-being 

You have to be READY to take OWNERSHIP and work closer with us. 

If you recognise ANY of the following traits then you should consider F90

  • Eats/Drink for Emotion or compulsion
  • Needs to purge things from their lives and let go of physical or emotional baggage
  • Has a negative association with exercise
  • ​Is confused about how much exercise to do and whats right for them
  • ​Is disorganised with food and needs structure
  • ​Keeps stop starting and does not know why
  • ​Knows that deep down that there are emotional mindset blocks
  • ​Loves a challenge and wants to know about themselves more
  • ​Wants to understand inner most tickings
  • ​Is not very confident and lacks their own judgement
  • ​Responds well to closer coaching and mentoring
  • ​Self Esteem is low and cannot look at themselves in the mirror without having that gut wrench feeling
  • ​Wants to live life and not just exist
  • ​Feels like a fraud because what people see is no how you feel
  • ​Serial procrastinators!

What Do Others Super Stars Say?

What Will You Get From It?

We ask our guys to describe themselves in 3 words before and after here are some examples

  • Old, tired, frumpy
  • No self belief, worried what others thought
  • Existing in life, negative, no self respect
  • ​Confused, overwhelmed, hopeless
  • ​Emotional Eater, depressed, lost
  • ​Fearful, anxious, worthless
  • ​Clueless,  uneducated, unsure
  • Positive, Confident, alive!
  • Self Peace, Inspired and confident in own mind and decisions
  • Taking control, living, happy
  • ​Clarity, focus, hope
  • ​Positive, in control, empowered
  • ​Worthy, calm, confident
  • ​In the know, understanding, excited

What Do We Cover

Each week we have a different subject that we focus on

  • Week 1: Problems - We first off ask what are you problems as you see them as to why you cannot be consistent and persistent at living a healthy lifestyle. By this way we can acknowledge, accept and then make actions to move forward with solving these problems.
  • Week 2: Problems - We do this subject again because the first week is just knocking off the fairy dust and we can then get to the nitty gritty. We want to further acknowledge, accept, take actions and then adjust if needs be to move forward with solving these problems.
  • Week 3: Purging - It's time to get RID because we cannot move on and create until we make room for these changes and new way of life. We have to acknowledge, accept and create awareness about what we are holding onto and take actions to let go.
  • ​Week 4: Purging - YES! we do this for 2 weeks again because week 1 we might just knock off the fairy dust! 
  • ​Week 5: Emotional Eating - We take this week to look at your emotions and patterns of behaviour around food and identify what these are and take actions to overcome these within the model of always acknowledging, accepting, creating awareness and then action.
  • ​Week 6: Logistics of Eating - We will delve into the actual logistical problems you will face when it comes to being consistent and persistent with being able eat in a balanced way and create a version that works for you. Action on this will help you stay consistent.
  • ​Week 7: Emotions Exercise - Unusual for people to look at this but it it very relevant. We all have some sort of emotion attached to exercise and it could be this that is stopping you. We look at unravelling this and like emotional eating actions to overcome any issues you may find. 
  • ​Week 8: Logistics Exercise - Just like Week 6 we want to look at any logistical reasons you may have that you cannot be consistent and persistent with exercise/movement and create a version that works for you. 
  • ​Week 9: Habits - This is a lead up to week 10 where we take a look at habits you have in your life that you want to stop and create.
  • ​Week 10: Bookending - How we start and finish our day dictates how the middle of the day that goes. Bookending looks at you getting firm foundations planted into your day with AM and PM routines that means you start your day in a healthy way and finish it and not take anything over to the following day.
  • ​Week 11: Consistency and Persistency - What's the constant problem that keeps coming up for you as to why you cannot be consistent and persistent in your health and well-being. by identifying this you can then write your own contingency plan so you can see it coming and better than that can navigate around it.
  • ​Week 12: Final Piece of the Jigsaw Puzzle - Time to put everything together and test your new beliefs, values and version of health and well-being.
  • ​Week 13: Reflect and Review - We reflect on your whole journey over the past 13 weeks and look at the progress you have made and celebrate it!

What Other Super Stars Say

How Does It Run Each Week?

A lot of people worry about how much time and effort F90 will take. 

As with everything we do we like to keep things to short sharp bursts of information and action. This is a snapshot of what the weeks look like

  • Day 1 of the week - Think - Take 10 minutes to just think, acknowledge, and accept what we are focusing on that week
  • ​Day 2 of the week - Brain Fart - Get our your journal and your phone and create massive awareness on what you thought about 
  • ​Day 3 of the week - Pod Call Day -  Time to meet up and create more awareness by coaching from us and your team mates and set actions to move forwards
  • ​Day 4 of the week - Action Day - The next step of taking action on your findings for the week to move you to create that version of health and well-being thats right for you.
  • ​Day 5 of the week - Reflect and Review - Get your phone out and record a little reflect and review message and send it over to Baz so that we can create something special for you all
  • ​Day 6 of the week - Celebration Day - We reveal the celebration video of the week and we all crack open the popcorn and celebrate together our achievements for the week
  • ​Day 7 of the week - Rest Day - Pop your feet up and chill because you had a highly productive week!

We repeat this SAME pattern for 13 weeks straight. 

It also gives you an excellent frame work for after F90 for when things come up that need working through


There is an additional call bi-weekly on a Monday at 7pm

This is what we call a "Let's Get Physical" call an on this pod call we will answer any of your questions in relation to the physical side of your transformation. Be it food, exercise, rehab, supplements, sports equipment or anything else that falls into this category. It's an open free for all!

Rock Solid Rating

On F90 we run the Rock Solid rating when we do intentions at the start. 

It is a little rating we do to score the guys on where they are now with certain questions to see how they have improved over the 90 days. 

They score themselves from 0 -10 (0 being the worst and 10 being the best!) 

These are the questions we ask them
  • How positive do you feel about life in general?
  • ​How would you rate your self-esteem and self-belief in general?
  • ​How do you rate your life in general right now?
  • ​How healthy do you feel your life is in general?
  • ​How motivated do you feel about life in general?
  • ​How happy do you feel about life in general?

These are the results

The guys who complete F90 end up with a 40-80% increase on their scores than when they started on Week with some of the biggest score increases being around their self-esteem, motivation, happiness and general feel about life. 

What happens if I go away during the F90 program?
We regularly have people who have to travel for work, or who go on holiday over the 13 week's. Most people can access WIFI or 3G so that they can watch the videos or if not watch the videos then read the copy for the post for the day. There is always plenty of time to get done what is needed.
What if I cannot make a pod call?
Sometime life happens and we understand that. If you cannot make a pod call that's not a problem. You can either partially make the call (do your bit but we don't encourage this as it's a team effort and the guys get so much listening to the others) OR if you absolutely cannot make it we always ask you to update us with your findings from your thinking and brain fart day and then we will do a FB live for you to go over and give you coaching 
How much time do I need to invest into F90?
The biggest time investment will be on Pod Call day where pod calls are at 1pm, 6pm, and 7pm and last for 1 hour. Other than that this is similar to F7 where the videos are max 10 minutes and work from the video instructions are approx 10 minutes. Remember we want short sharp bursts to get it done. But to change something needs to change and some level of effort and priority needs to take place.
Are there payment options?
Yes 100%! We can split the £475 into 2 payments of £238 or 3 payments of £159 which will be processed each month
Do I still have to remain in F365?
We do like you to remain in F365 so that you can draw on any information that we may give out or point you in the direction of. Your F365 membership cost will reduce to £12.49 for 3 months while you are on F90. What you do in F365 while you are on F90 is down to you remember this is your program your way.
Is there a separate group for F90?
Yes there will be a separate group for F90 and the work we do in there which is private and also a separate FB chat group too for you so that we can keep a closer check on you all 
What if I cannot make the 7pm Let's Get Physical Call?
Every other week we have a 7pm call on a Monday night to talk about the physical side of your health and well-being. if you have a question but you cannot make it do not worry we will answer your question, time stamp it and then you can watch it back. Of course any other questions you have we are always there on had to help

What's Next?

We would suggest you drop us a message and book a call to chat about if F90 is the RIGHT path for you RIGHT NOW


If you have heard enough and want a space then just PM us and we can take it from there

STARTING 10th May 2021

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